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Thursday, 12 April 2012

The Dancing Wren.


Paul Tabor said...

SUPERB photo steve, now that should be used as the blog photo, not the ruff with the childish comment.

Steve Hinton said...

Thanks Paul. We have decided that on every monday, myself, Slap and Randal will choose what we think is the best for that previous week.
I`ve just had some time in Pembs with good weather so I have been lucky to get a few shots!
As you know most of my pics are put on my own blog www.southwalesbirder.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

Badger, the comment isn't childish it perfectly illustrates the fact that some people who decide on the records of others ie Sid are not up to the job. Ruff and Woodsandpiper look fcuk all alike so as I say it is relevant.
Maybe gutless should speak up for himself. He usually does when spouting crap

tiger said...

how much are those i pod thingamajigs, have to get one !

Steve Hinton said...

I happened to start whistling- " this old house" by Shaking Stevens and up it popped and started to dance on the hide roof!!!

Paul Tabor said...

Misty, we all make mistakes,even the best of birders, and no doubt sid would be the first to put his hand up and say i should have checked the photo before publishing it.It was colin that reported it as a woodsand, and sent sid photo's, but sid's only mistake was publishing the photo, before checking it, sid has'nt asked me to speak up on his behalf
i was just commenting on what i think was a childish dig on someone who i know is better than that, and as for records thats why there is more than one person on the panel to make sure mistakes like this should never happen anyway happy birding

Anonymous said...

Cheers Badger that seems to have cleared the matter up, good birding to you too