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Friday, 4 May 2012


The ferry is now booked:  Depart Portsmouth  August 14th @17:00hrs

                                      Arrive Santander     August  15th @ 18:00hrs

                                      Depart Santander     August  15th @ 21:30hrs

                                      Arrive  Plymouth      August  16th @ 16:30hrs

 Places are limited with a number already taken. Total cost for the crossing is £78.00 (does not include transport to/from ferry port). We have managed to secure all our cabins on deck 6,so for those who might enjoy a champagne or two the night before,the walk to the best viewing point is quite short and should involve no stairs!! The ferry itself is far superior to the old P&O tin bath with a far higher standard of facilities and dinning at much more reasonable price ( eg, last year 4 pints of 1664 was £9).

 Last years trip was a really good outing with great company and even better wildlife with,fin,sperm,couviers and minke whales,common,stripped and bottle-nosed dolphins and great,cory's,manx and little shearwaters to name but a few. If you would like to join us please contact either me (07814 577593),wader(07990 597779)  or randal (077925 14875) or email swalesbirding@gmail.com.

 Places are on a first come first served basis...so book soon!


Steve Hinton said...

Train cost is much the same as last year about £30.00

Randal M Snowdrop said...

Highlight of last year's trip was the look on the faces of Smudger and co when they returned to Deck 6only to be told they'd just missed out on a couple of couvier's beaked whales that had showed very nicely during their coffee break.

Personally I just hope we jam into that pod of 'black fish' we saw last time!!

And what with Seymour on board, how can we possibly fail?

Anyone interested in this fantastic trip may also be interested to hear that Mr Stephen Hinton (aka The Wader) will be attempting to break the Guiness Book of World Records record for langoustine eating on the first night aboard. Having attempted this record in 2011 (and narrowly failed), Stephen will once more be looking to make an embarrassing pig of himself for yet another year. The current world record of 15.35673 kilos is held by Michelle Fish of 16 Arcacia Avenue, Lossiemouth, Scotland. Good luck Stephen. If you could possibly sit at another table so as not to embarass us we'd be grateful. To be perfectly honest your greed, complete lack of breeding, bad manners, general lack of consideration for the conservation of marine stock and your frankly disgusting table manners, is an embarrassment. I know Cliff nearly threw himself overboard such was his shame. We'll be behind you every gram of the way, albeit on a different table to yourself.