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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

By the skin of my teeth

Arrived at the hill 11.10 a.m. bird flew off high wide and handsome at 11.20 - just enough time to take some record shots which at distance 30 yds+ and battling heat haze (77 fahrenheit )were pretty poor. The bird was flushed by a golfer who's ball had missed the CCC by about 10 feet. Though judging by the quality of the shots on birdguides from today there had obviously been some serious' togging' earlier in the day. Still a UK tick is still a tick - it flew off in the direction of the Beacons / Cambrians - should anyone fancy looking for it.


Mitch said...

So it was you who flushed it!!! BAAAAAAD BOY.

Richard G. Smith said...

No it wasn't me it was the golfer who was just 10 feet away whilst all the birders were 30 yards away.

Mitch said...

Shame they don't do bag hides in golf buggy camo! I'm waiting for it to turn up in Glam.It wasn't at the Heli this morning.

MauriceC said...

Be easy to spot in flight if it goes over.

Richard G. Smith said...

Its turned into a BWS - TWO BIRD THEORY!