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Friday, 18 May 2012

From Beyond the Grave....

The Cardiff Bird Club is proud to bring you Mr Percy Edwards.

Percy Edwards discovered his talent for talking like the birds when he was seven. Dozing under a tree, he heard what he thought was a wolf-whistle and discovered that it was a bird. For several weeks, Edwards kept hearing this greenfinch and found that he could imitate it. He even took to eating canary seed before going to bed in the hope that he would wake in the morning singing like a bird.

Such dedication is an invaluable resource for all bird photographers (toggers) and nest finders (oologists). Taking Percy for a 'beyond the grave' stroll with you will guarantee one and all with their desired target species. Listen in awe as Percy whistles in schedule I birds for your delight. Watch in awe and get your camera ready/ tree crampons on, as Percy delivers target species, after target species right to your lens/ nest-egg collection.

For a small fee we are able to provide you with all the necessary equipment to bring Percy back from beyond the grave. The kit includes a quija board, Gypsy Pete the legendary gypsy seance king and of course, Percy himself. This technique is perfectly legal in a court of law as beyond the grave evidence is inadmissable.

Please send cheques for £99.95 for each 30 minute session in which you require Percy's talent.


Jeff said...

Can I "put it on the plastic" or are you doing a 12 month interest free introductory offer ?

Randal M Snowdrop said...

A typical APR of around 400.72% is available on request. The answer will be a simple take it or leave it to your request. Please note your home may be at risk should fail to cough up the readies within 24 hours of a session with Percy.

MauriceC said...

Did he train 'Big Jake' who used to call the waders ?