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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

"Gropper City "- Llynfi Valley

Had another bash at photographing "Groppers" this evening.


Richard G. Smith said...

Yes please Jeff - I could do with some of this!

Anonymous said...

Is a tape being played here? During breeding it does affect behaviour but then again photos must come first. Birds are struggling as it is with lack of insects for food , shite weather etc so just give them a break.
If this offends toggers tough

Paul Parsons said...

A break like this you mean, but then again, photos must come first eh? - www.flickr.com/photos/73344225@N07/

Jeff said...

Reply to Cwm Twm :

Just good fieldcraft,lots and lots of luck and some really nice late evening light.
Has to be evening I'm afraid as I'm far too busy during the day earning a living and paying a f.....g fortune in taxes.
Nice shots of nests and eggs btw,all shot in the interests of science I suppose.

Toodle pip,

Anonymous said...

dear sid thank you for the link hopefully it will increase traffic, as for your comment check your facts you tool,. I don't mind you commenting on my flicker stream but if you do unblock me from replying on yours love and kissses xx as I've just said to you in txt it isn't illegal to examine and photograph nests( just you twitchers seem to have a skewed idea of what is allowed).Young of these nests have been rung including forty two stonechat, so yes Jeff there is a scientific as well as photographic angle. Just like you having your kites tagged and ringed whilst you snap away with your camera..Check with your man as he's the ringer involved. Glad to see that it was good fieldcraft employed Jeff as birds are finding it hard getting food. As for the working good man you are keeping sid in foriegn trips. A book that might interest you all is the Fieldguide to Monitoring nests a BTO guide, all species on flicker appear in here , toodle pip!

tiger said...

lovely shots again Jeff, would nt mind a piece of the action, perhaps next year ?

Mitch said...

Keep up the good work Jeff,10/10

Richard G. Smith said...