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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Nice one Flashman


Can someone explain to me the sense in culling a native British bird to protect an introduced game bird (apart from the obvious link between the Eton educated political ruling class and their land owning chums)?

Best original answer wins a Porsche 911, a crate of cristall, 1 kilo of foie gras and a set of red braces. The obligatory frontal lobotomy comes as standard prize for all such competition winners.


Slaphead said...

C**ts......I'll take the foie gras

Adrian Meredith said...

You've summed them up in a word.

MauriceC said...

Another Defra howler.

Anonymous said...

Just look at his name C a Moron says it all really, that and the fact that he's an inbred knob socket. Also he's called Dave they generally turn out to be people that say one thing and then do the opposite

Richard G. Smith said...

Unbelievable - there is sure to be a more vociferous response than badger culling.
Can't wait to sign the petition.

Randal M Snowdrop said...

Misty, you've given me a blinding idea for a poll!

Is Dave an inbred knob socket?

On a different tangent, can anyone explain the economics of pheasants? Apparently if I wanted to go out and shoot some pheasants on a posh-type's estate he would charge me anything between £20 to £30 per bird shot. If I went to the butchers I could get a brace for around a fiver. Now I'm no Alan Greenspan or Joseph Stiglitz, but you must be a bit fucking thick to go shooting pheasants when you can go down the shops and pick up a pair up for 10% of the cost of shooting them yourself?

As I'm clearly an economic genius I've decided to form a new business. If any of you fancy a Big Mac tomorrow, give me a call and we'll go out and shoot a cow. Let's bring 'posh economics' (I've trade marked the brand) to the masses. For £500 notes a cow it's bargain. Obviously if you'd prefer a KFC, then I thought a price of between £50-£75 per chicken would be a bit of a bargain. This would include all transport costs to and from the battery hen farm - no tricky free range types for us. Likewise, the Big Mac excursion would involve an early morning visit to a local dairy farm at around milking time.

Any takers?

Anonymous said...

for those interested added a couple more photos on flicker nothing rare just a melodious warbler, Whites thrush and I think a CCC but it could be a Reed Bunting. Unfortunately no schedule 1 like common Buzzard( they are rarer than rocking horse shit apparently).
Re Poll is it needed Randal? The result is surely a resounding yes