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Monday, 29 October 2012

A tale of two halves...

A lunchtime walk through Mewslade Valley was notable only for the lack of birds contained within it. From the carpark down to the beach a sum total of a blackbird, a robin, a dunnock and a kestrel were my total rewards. A quick spin on the beach with RMS and then the heavans opened briefly just after 13:00hrs and then again at 13:20hrs......the walk back up through the valley was a little different, nothing like a bit of rain to drop the migrants from the sky!

35 song thrush
12 redwing
2 fieldfare
4-5 ring ouzel
4 chiffchaff
1 yellow-browed warbler

Later, another ring ouzel was in the gorse close to the coastguard's station at rhosilli with another in clifftop vegetation above Fail Bay. No chough to be seen or heard.

1 comment:

Road Runner said...

Was that just you and RMS out there, or did you have extra company? You do realise you left me and AB last night to deal with a broken-hearted lass in the TWI threatening to jump out of another plane this weekend only this time minus a parachute!