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Monday, 19 November 2012


Mitch said...

Nice shot Glyn.

Steve Hinton said...

Imagine what it could have been like with a better lens and camera!!
Not that your shots will all be instantly brilliant! but it`s simple - with the quality you desire- the more you pay the better! Good luck! The 7D and Sigma lens will tie you over nicely till you win the lottery!

Everyone wishes they had a big one like Jeff !!

GlynJ said...

Thank you

Slaphead said...

if you are quick there is 150-500 OS here:


Anonymous said...

I'm not being funny but half the photos you big boy toggers take are shite ,and that's with the birds twenty feet away on sticks.
Steve out of interest how many shots per session do you delete?
Not only that when you listen to the number of excuses why you toggers didn't get that crippling shot, bikers, dogs, walkers , canoeists etc, just shows you're not as capable as you think

Steve Hinton said...

Misty, get a life!

Anonymous said...

Steve if you can't accept criticism don't dish it out!

Richard G. Smith said...

Glyn Amazon shows the Canon 7D & Sigma 150-500 combo NEW!for £1690 plus you will need a good card say 8 GIG - maybe a decent pod?
Buying New does ensure that you get all the add-ons like connectors chargers manual etc.
And photoshop elements is remarkeable at making shots look better - if that is any help.
In this shot you have managed to capture the swing of the head that produced that double sweep of water droplets - a nice touch!