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Monday, 12 November 2012


At about 1.00pm I took a phone call from a customer, Whilst chatting, I saw, in the top of a dead tree, A Hoopoe. watched for about half a minute, I ran down stairs to get my bins which I had left on the kitchen table, having just returned from Gileston (25 Wigeon and a Shag flying down channel) I returned and it had gone.!
Very probably still about but no sign till dusk!
Distance is about 60mtrs at eye level from the house, it was moving about in the top of the tree.
The garden opposite my house is perfect with abot 6 fruit trees and lawn sloping down to the meadow. The area next to the garden is overgrown scrub with some tall dead Alders etc.
I informed the neighbours and it will no doubt be looked for!
I won`t be around tomorrow, but any news and access can be arranged.  Anyone thinking of searching the area then good luck (not much to see from the road) Please respect neighbours privacy!


Steve Hinton said...

Garden tick! Last tick was Glossy Ibis!

Mitch said...

What a stroke of luck! lets hope it stays around.

Slaphead said...

nice one wader old bean,thanks for getting the news out immediately.