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Monday, 5 November 2012

Mynydd Illtyd today.

Refuses to come closer than 60yds.


Mitch said...

This bird seems to favour the mornings feeding around the bales before flying off late morning,i saw it fly off over the car park at 11.30 today.

Jeff said...

Well done Rob,you may have not got as close as you wanted but looks like you managed to get closer than I did.
We'll just have to keep on trying,at least the walking is easy !!

tiger said...

you must be camping up there Mitch, lovely shots - nice to see it part of the landscape

Mitch said...

It was a toss up between the Shrike (2nd visit) or the Porthcawl Snow Buntins Cliff! i'm glad i chose the former because the Buntins weren't seen.I spent the morning here then moved to Garwnant for the afternoon to check out the other regular wintering site but was unsuccessful.If you're going to give it a try i would strongly recommend a bale hide.