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Monday, 19 November 2012

OOC Cirl buntings

They were quite difficult to get any kind of a shot,what with kids with electric bikes,old farts counting beach houses and dog walkers who walked between you and the birds,even though they had a 10 acre carpark to walk around and would make you bang your head against the wall (quite literally in Waders case).


Anonymous said...

Wasted journey there Slap or did you forget to take your tidy camera

Slaphead said...

wasted journey indeed young Misty, unfortunately I took my tidy camera, it seems I just need to meet up with you so you can show me how to use it. Do you need to book a day off work (Muwwhahahaha) for the event?

Anonymous said...

No Slap I'll leave the work for you.
As for young Misty not that young unfortunately, but obviously ageing much better than you.
As for teaching you a thing or two , I probably could. Have you had a Glamorgan Bird report cover shot in your time as a togger? Thought not, as you cant even get a tidy shot of birds coming to seed

Slaphead said...

be still my aching sides.e

Anonymous said...

slap there's a tidy phot of one on Steves blog