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Monday, 12 November 2012

Perfect 10

A non-Kingfisher shot elicts the perfect score from our four previous bored judges.

Looking on, it's obvious from this shot that Craig Brevel Sandwichmaker is engaging in deep conversation with a togger regarding how kingfishers hold their prey (seconds after this shot was taken, Craig from Upper Boat was humanely shot by vets, keen to see the poor bastard put out of his misery).

Dai 'the dance' Goodmuninnit watchs a very brief video of the all 'action' in 'Hinton's Hide'* (his score of 10 is actually in centimeters). Either that or he's reacting to news that short-eared owls bred on RGW (ten pairs apparently)!

Alesha from Grange is clearly taking the best early spring advice for birders and is looking-up. Her score of 10 actually denotes the number of Black Grouse she's currently watching migrating high over the studio. As the only female on the panel, Alesha also demonstrates her ability to multi-task. Her missing left hand and the smile on her face suggest she may not be taking quite the thorough field notes that would be expected in such circumstances. Either that or Slaphead is on his hands and knees under the desk being fisted.*

Meanwhile, Bruno Somebodyorother from Tonteg shows Jeff exactly what he's looking forward to inserting into his camera bag next he finds him posting yet another boring shot of a kingfisher.


Alex said...

Randal, Can you please refrain from posting non-Kingfisher related posts? Thanks

Richard G. Smith said...