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Sunday, 25 November 2012


Cosmeston - 4 Scaup amongst the Tufted Ducks & Pochards on West Lake. Also Kingfisher.

Cardiff Bay - Pink-footed Goose on the reserve amongst the Canada Geese flock viewed from the board walk. Another Kingfisher (sorry guys, no photos!)


Road Runner said...

Unringed, full-winged and 1st-winter. Could be same as recently present in Ogmore/Kenfig?

Meehan said...

Nice goose there Alex. Gutted you couldn't 'tog' the KF... such a hard bird to come by on this blog late.... FFS!!

Alex said...

Also 8 Goosander & Goldeneye off Ice Rink Car Park. May well be the Ogmore bird. Don't think it's been reported recently and it was hanging around with Canada Geese when I saw it on 30 Sept. Have tried to blow my record shots up to look at the bill pattern, it's hard to tell but colouration looks quite similar.