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Saturday, 3 November 2012

Some Manitoba Bears


Mitch said...

Wow! looks like a fantastic trip Rich.Great images.

Richard G. Smith said...

Apparently the spring warbler migration is mega too!
Less crowded than pelee with many concentrations at lake edges and islands etc.

Jeff said...

Great shots Rich,what a thrill that must have been,love the top one-great light.

Richard G. Smith said...

Top one Jeff is possibly the best pic I have taken at 1/3200 sec in great light with 18-135 mm.

Steve Hinton said...

Nice Bear shots Rich! How many of the Bear did you take?

Meehan said...

Nice Rich - did you do a 'dude' tour or do it yourself?

Richard G. Smith said...

There is no way to DIY this trip - fortunately for the bears.
Cost c.£800 London to Winnipeg
£600 flight Winnipeg to Churchill or alternatively a 36 hour train ride.
A one day buggy excursion (usual to do two as you can dip!)plus overnight in Churchill 2 nights and two days buggy c.£1500. So I make it about £3k in late Oct - price rises into Nov.

The 30Kms of tundra tracks are accessible only by the Tundra Buggies massive low geared slow 'buses' - I drove one!
Overall in two days on the tundra we saw 20+ bears - in town it was one per day if you were lucky. Its also a lot less dangerous these bears are incredibly inquisitive.
The number of shots taken at a guess 500+.