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Friday, 30 November 2012


A single bird was at Ty Mawr Road, Rhymney early morning. Another single bird was then in trees in the car park of the Carpet Right/ Wren/ Pets at Home section along Newport Road (presumably the same bird as early). The latter then joined with 25 Waxwings as they flew over the carpark heading west.

A quick check of the surrounding area and beyond produced c150 birds in the trees above the junction of Wellfield Road and Pen-y-Lan Road, with a further 50 birds feeding in the berry laden trees along Bangor Street (birds moving back and forth between Wellfield Road and Bangor Street). Further groups of birds 20-40 were also around Ninian Road/ Morlais Street junction.

Basically wherever there are berry laden trees in the area!


Alex said...

Randal , cut the crap about berry laden trees. Let's have some house numbers!

Randal M Snowdrop said...

I refuse to divulge house numbers because as everyone knows this will only lead to a speight of 'gangland-style' break-ins and street robberies as every mobster and street hoodlum this side of Chipping Norton will no doubt descend onto the innocent residents of Middle Roath and have it away with their extensive collections of Wedgewood and Minton fine bone china.

Even as we left the scene we couldn't help but notice at least three drive-by shooting and an attempted kidnapping. If you tune into the BBC News a story is just breaking of a gang of over 30 drug crazed Mexican narcotics smuggling low-riders who have just broken into No 27 and smashed a Minton Cake stand (circa 1895), a majolica vase depicting two Swedish Black Ducks and a priceless fifteenth century Glamorgan Bird Report. All whilst trying to 'ave it away' with a 50 inch plasma and surround sound home cinema system......I knew no good would come of releasing this news. I fucking knew it!

Mitch said...

You asked for that Alex!

MauriceC said...

Why not some house names ? Duntwitching or Nomoredipping.