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Thursday, 27 December 2012

For sale

Nikon D300s body circa 19k actuations,the mutts nuts. With 3rd party battery grip and 1 x Nikon battery and 1 x 3rd party battery and Nikon charger. Boxed in excellent condition. £625.00

also, Sigma 50-500mm f/4-6.3 hsm apo  dg,also in excellent condition,boxed with soft case.£385.00


Jeff said...

Glad you've seen the light Nige and are moving over to the quality system that is Canon !!

Slaphead said...

I would rather pull my toes nails out with pliers than use a Canon,a D700 full frame, high iso beauty awaits.

tiger said...

Even A. Rowse has reverted to Canon so hope you know wot you re doin Slap !!

Steve Hinton said...

He'll turn to canon for a year then back to Nikon and then to canon! He's like a woman - can't ever make is mind up!

Slaphead said...

I only ever dress up as a woman on the weekends and you know it 'Susan'.