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Thursday, 27 December 2012

Fulffy Bunnies?

Nice comment!


Richard G. Smith said...

Typing school NOT going well

Slaphead said...

Indeed Mr.Smith,indeed.

The birding scene in Glamorgan is now total bollocks. Taken over by numpties,run by nodding yes men and a county recorder who remains silent and might as well be absent.In fact I would go as far to say that Glamorgan is the laughing stock of British birding.So much for the 'its all going to change',well what has changed? not a fucking lot! We still have a bird report littered with mistakes,photographs that are pants and it still seems to be an old boys club production.
We have the masses defending dodgy sightings,senior birders congratulating dodgy sightings and woe be tide anyone that challenges the dodgy sightings for they shall be evil and shall be crucified by the Jonny-come-latelies or be cast into a pit of hungry wolves.
But anyway,happy new year to one and all.


Steve Hinton said...

Simply..... Brilliant! Love it!

Slaphead said...

In all fairness though,the format and layout of the BR is the best Glamorgan has seen.

MauriceC said...

Have not seen the report but maybe some training is required in the disciplines of recording and report writing.