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Tuesday, 25 December 2012


I'm doing the F**KING xmas dinner (again!) i'm having a change this year though with a 3 bird roast.....Turkey, Amure Falcon and Robin, MERRY XMAS.


Randal M Snowdrop said...

Here in Upper Taffs Well we're having Tree Sparrow foie gras to accompany our main bird. Happy Xmas (....and especially to Randal my Shetland Bull Terrier for my carpet present this morning...and for anyone wishing to try roast dog, please call round tomorrow just after midday).

tiger said...

I enjoyed a 3-bird roast over 3 days last w/e as "hors deuve" to the biggun y day !

P.Denning said...

Are you sure Cliff? - I thought a Three bird roast was a favoured pastime of premier league footballers!

tiger said...

I expected a comment or 2 but quite unexpected from you ! hope you enjoyed Christmas & here s wishing you a Happy New Year, let me know if you want more boring images of the Magic Isle at Member s eve in Jan !!