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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

The Xmas Curry 2012 - The Results

The childish and immature prize giving that so neatly sums up the mentality of all of the attendees present  nearly failed to ignite as the night bore on to its inevitable descent into banality. When news broke that Slaphead's house was on fire, the only real problem with him having to leave was whether he had he left enough money to cover his tab. The selfish git also took home all of the medals, so apologies to all of last nights winners for the lack of prizes (well almost all of the prizes).

Cliff scored first with Worst Photographer of the Year 2012. Having failed to get almost his entire portfolio in focus this year it was difficult to pick just one really dreadful shot from the collection so The Wader and Smudger decided to award you with the lot. Well done Cliff.....last year you were the Best Photographer....."what a difference a year makes"*?

This brought us neatly onto the 'Most Likely to get all of his own Photographs into the Bird Report 2012 Award. With so little competition for the title it was finally given to Smudger, after two recounts and not an inconsiderable amount of bribery from Jeffrey. Well done Smudger, your acceptance speech was only the fourth best of the evening.

Jeffrey Slocombe had a storming night winning not just one, but two big prizes. Not only that but he failed to turn up, so it was a win-win all round for everyone. As if that wasn't enough, Smudger also broke the news that Jeffrey was in fact one-half of 70s duo Peters and Lee. Unfortunately Smudger was unable to confirm exactly which one, however judging by his ability to photograph birds we think it's probably the one with the dark glasses. Anyway, Jeff won not only 'Togger of the Year 2012' but also the 'BMLTBASWCS Award 2012' award. Jeff wins the Einstein once again. Well done Jeff, is there any chance someone else can win it next year instead. 

Cardiff Birder of the Year was once again fiercely contested......

(to be continued)

* Sir JWV Savile OBE, KCSG


Joek Roex said...

Thanks for organizing a great night.

Alex said...

Randal thanks for my award even if Slap did Foxtrot Oscar with my medal. Joek absolutely gutted for you. I know how much retaining your Cardiff Dutch Birder of the year title meant to you. Has Steve even been to Holland ?

Steve Hinton said...

What about Jake, he won the T.O.T.Y. award. The twat of the year award!

steve howcroft said...

I've flown over holland, so I suppose it counts..

Slaphead said...