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Sunday, 6 January 2013


Leg colour is a little odd. The right leg is too dark with the left leg the correct `Bubble-gum` pink.
Checking leg colour on photo`s taken an hour or so before, as Jeffs pic on the tree stump it appears the leg colour is identical.
As Jeff has pointed out , the light was crap!

When the light improves better shots will be obtained.  Unless it`s a hybrid that is!!


tiger said...

good shots Steve, 1 st one identical to one Smudger took years ago, thought you would like to hear that !

Slaphead said...

no where near as good as Smudgers though Cliff!

MauriceC said...

Going back to previous post seem to recall that the 1986 bird which turned up near Kenfig also moved to the Cardiff area.

Richard G. Smith said...

Come come times have changed and equipment and in those days we didn't notice things like dodgy leg colour

Meehan said...

An RBS 'regurgitator' has told me he believes this bird to have hybridized with a flesh-footed Boobies. This would explain the abnormal legfoot colouration.