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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Missile Thrush on the attack !


Randal M Snowdrop said...

Twenty quid says Jeff is going to say 'cracking shots Cliff'....any takers?

tiger said...

doubt it this time Randal, struggled to get near em, heavily cropped !

Slaphead said...

cracking shots cliff.

Richard G. Smith said...

Positively psychadelic (?) Redwings
Probably been eating too many prawns.

Jeff said...

These really are shit shots Cliff,you are letting the side down badly and definitely need a longer lens !!
You've got the camera,you just need the lens to go with it now.
I'm after an f4 300mm so if you want to part-ex against my spare Sigma 150-500 OS it's your's for your 300mm and say £100 !!
You also need to curb your enthusiasm with the Saturation slider in Photoshop methinks !!

tiger said...

The light was crap & images lifeless but I appreciate your comments,I have gone a bit overboard on saturation but I like it !

Jeff said...

Only pulling your leg Cliff,took some pics of Redwing myself last Sunday down at Southerndown which were quite close to the road but the light was so crap that I've not even bothered processing them.
Lights great today but I'm in work !!

Mitch said...

Bloody shame that top one is out of focus.I don't think you could have got the d o f with that anyway.

tiger said...

you re dead right there Mitch, but would nt have got the 2 together as the Fieldfare did nt hang around !