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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Out and About (cont)

Fforest Ganol failed to produce any Hawfinch for the umpteenth time this winter period. The New Years Day 'Hunt' was having an outing close by......bless them, I mean, what's the point with nothing for them to hunt? Still, I suppose it gives them an excuse to put on jodphurs, leather boots and carry a whip....each to their own?

Forest Farm was completely devoid of birdlife although in fairness there did seem to be some sort of military invasion going on, what with the volume of camouflage jacket wearing toggers/ wankers wandering around and trying to blend in. I immediately returned to Fforest Ganol in a failed attempt to persuade the hunt that I had a great idea for a new quarry. Apart from that, a single bullfinch and some quack-quacks on the canal that was about it.

The day was only salvaged with a nice view of a red kite just north of Rudry.


tiger said...

Hi Randal, you did nt see the little Grebe on the canal then, or the 2 Brambling on the path, but in fairness neither did I !

Randal M Snowdrop said...

Anyone visiting the traditional Hawfinch site over the last few years will have noticed that a great deal of Hornbeam has been felled in the area.

The last time the birds showed there was now two autumns ago when there was a profusion of Hornbeam seed on the trees.

The trees were felled due to disease (often trees produce a good crop of seed when in decline); if disease has spread throughout the remaining trees there, who knows what future the birds have in the area?