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Saturday, 16 February 2013

"A few from my allotment this morning".......

Wasn't me at Lisvane honest,I was up the allotment "togging" owls !!


Mitch said...

Nice one Jeff! Were they on show all day?

Jeff said...

Hi Rob,I got there for 7.20am but the Barn Owl didn't show until about 9.30am,hunted briefly and then went down in the grass for about 3/4 hour when in the meantime a Shortie came out to hunt.
They both hunted and perched up on and off for a couple of hours before the Barn Owl diappeared back over the road and fields and the Shortie went down in the long grass to roost,this was about 12.30pm.
I stayed until about 4.00pm but neither showed again before I left.