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Monday, 18 February 2013

Aust Warth Barn Owl


Jeff said...

Superb shots Cliff,well worth the trip then.

tiger said...

absolutely, showed constantly from 09 15 to 10 00, then less frequently until 11 30, caught prey at least 3 times, I stayed till 13 00, there was nothing else of note

Richard G. Smith said...

Cracking shots Tiger just what Mitch and I were looking for today.
Were these taken today?
If so which Aust Wharf were you on because you weren't on the one we were on at those times!
Spent £16 on petrol and sodding Bridge and got nothing pissed off, fed up going down the pub!

Mitch said...

Yep ! dawn til dusk and naff all! Not happy!

tiger said...

It was y day, meant to put "Sunday" in the heading - sorry ! dont understand where its gone as it has been so reliable, apparently perching on roadside posts until too many cars parked along the road I believe

Mitch said...

Both reported again yesterday,they just decided to take the whole day off when i was there.The Bastards are winding me up.I don't know if they were showing well though,i haven't seen any photos.