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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Gull Flushing Techniques

Jeff there really is no need to leave your vehicle at all when birding. As I  have told  Tiger (to no avail!) some quality bread is all you really need and it's alot cheaper than buying a dead sheep.

Disclaimer - No birds or dead sheep were disturbed during the taking of these photos.      


Jeff said...

Overheard at yesterday's emergency committee meeting of the Llynfi Valley Lampers and Flushers Club...."Awright Pete butt we'd been ad for flushin so we mays as well come clean,I told ewe (gerrit !!) that we shouldn't have fed the gull horsemeat and passed off that young posh bird's Shetland Pony that we nicked as a sheep"

Meehan said...

Why go through the hassle of sitting inside hours on end in a suppressed whale/sheep carcass, when you can lob out some Brace's out of the car window and tog away! Much warmer and you can even listen to 5live on the radio! Easy.