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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Car break-ins at Forest Farm

As there are quite a few 'toggers' on here, plse note that thieves appear to be targeting cars parked in the small car parking area in Forest Farm road and also in Longwood drive which runs down from Asda. A photographer has recently had her car broken into [windows smashed] and a lens taken from the boot - accessed via the back seats so they're pretty determined. She has been in touch with the police who say that there is a spate of car break-ins going on at present. Even the Asda car park isn't safe. See posts on GBC channel.


Randal M Snowdrop said...

Apologies, I told them to target the silver astra. I thought if we could just get hold of Cliff's camera gear we could save the wider public from any future suffering. Talking of suffering, what does Jeff drive?

MauriceC said...

Having worked on Insurance claims in the past the best advice is NEVER leave anything of value in your car- not even in the boot.

tiger said...

that s why I never leave food in the boot !