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Sunday, 10 March 2013


The Lesser Scaup was on West Lake again this morning. For the avoidance of any doubt and in answer to John's question on the Other Other Channel, it's the Lesser Scaup as it was yesterday as well. It's the bird that has been knocking around at Cosmeston and Cardiff Bay (and Chew/Blagdon?) for several years. It's not Harry the Hybrid that was claimed as a Lesser Scaup a little while ago. Harry the Hybrid has a huge black nail and was bigger than some of the nearby Mute Swans. It also has extensive pale areas on the undertail area which the Lesser Scaup lacks. People will need to be aware that both like to frequent West Lake and take a proper check before reporting one or the other. I last saw Harry around 2 weeks ago.

Back to the birds - 30+ Fieldfares & Redwings in the paddocks and two Flat Holm ringed LBBGs.


1 comment:

John Wilson said...

Thanx for clearing that up Alex. I did notice on Sat last that the bird there had a v small black nail.