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Thursday, 21 March 2013

Norwegian Beauties 03/2013



AND FINALLY KING EIDER - no hides were used in the taking of these pics - and no harm came to any of the ducks and drakes involved. Batsford is the place 350 miles north of the Arctic Circle average daily temperature -12C add another 9C for wind chill - aurora almost every clear night - downside £7 per can!!


Mitch said...

Very nice! Any photos of the Aurora?

Richard G. Smith said...

My advice is to look at Hasvik Photo on facebook.
I did not take a tripod - essential for aurora as I only half expected to see it - as is turned out I saw it about 4 times - but I ended up propping up the camera on the bag and pointing to the sky - so they are not good.

Jeff said...

Very nice Rich,I've been keeping an eye on Huge Parrot's current "Photour" as well on Facebook where some corking photos have also been posted.
Did you get Grosbeak and Sib Jay ?

Richard G. Smith said...

Hi Jeff - Cliff could get cripplers of the Eiders and you don't need to pay out £200 for a hide session either. Although you are out of the biting wind!-12 + -9 windchill is -21!
Coastal Norway is not good for the Jay, Grosbeak or Tit - these are typically found well inland in Finland where mercifully the temp was recently -34C
I need the Jay and Tit if you fancy a weekend out haha!

Jeff said...

The long weekend at Easter would be good,I'll talk to her indoors !!

tiger said...

nice paintings Smudger - Rob better look out !!

MauriceC said...

Stonking King Eider. reminds me of the one at Loch Fleet years ago.