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Saturday, 30 March 2013

Water Pipits

I guess you have all seen the Water Pipit shite on GBC.
is clive behind that one?
Did also note the Snipe deleted a few posts!
Little Eric had asked for info but can't see that coming somehow!


Richard G. Smith said...

Is there a new tendancy to post sightings with cryptic clues as to location?
Little Eric (real name Little Ern)will wait a long time as the IN word for locations seems to be 'various'.
So like the Germans trying to bomb a town called Random we shall no doubt one day be running around looking for various - where mega rares i.e. Whippets will be found in abundance surrounded by toggers!

Steve Hinton said...

Eh !!

tiger said...

wot r u on Smudge ?

Slaphead said...

I agree with you Rich,the sightings pages on GBC have been reduced to a farce.More importantly,the tripe that is now posted is given the blessing of the governor,whats all that about?

Richard G. Smith said...

I have no idea Slapster - it seems to me that postings are being made with no information - supression in postings is a new phenomenon.
If they don't want you to know where something is then they shouldn't post.
Its like 'Snowy Owl - Scotland'
- worthless info.

Meehan said...

"Whippets will be found in abundance surrounded by toggers!"

Rich - want what ever you are on please!!

John Wilson said...

At the risk of being flamed and ridiculed for rising to the bait, the implication here that postings with no detail are rife on GBC, is IMHO very unfair. I have just been through the last 80 or so postings there and there's only one where no location is given, under 'various', and that same posting appears on this blog, immediately preceding this one! A couple of other posts titled 'Various' on GBC then refer to specific sites within the post itself. If this is all to do with Water Pipit at RGW then generalising out from that to refer to everything as 'tripe' in unjustified, partic if it's in ref to rank beginners making genuine mistakes [e.g. Yellow Wag], which some of you will have seen, is easily put right by some polite explanation. There you go - shoot me down!

Slaphead said...

John, I think you are missing the point mate. I think the OP refers to:-

"Thanks Clive for info. got some great photo,s of the water pipits this afternoon"

Why leave this tripe on the sightings page,yet you delete a number of posts questioning it?
Clearly suppressing the (if it actually exists) bird in a blatant effort to wind up an argument.Here's my angle on it, the fucking photo of said "water pipit" will not turn up anywhere,if it does,it is unlikely to be the real deal,why? because thats the game he plays and he has been rumbled a long time ago.

There are a few other posts on there too that in no way relate to sightings (one of your own too) yet they are left on there,the posts left by lcouch!! what the fuck are they all about? is that a genuine person or another spoof?

Steve Hinton said...

Wot a bite!!!!! Brilliant once again!! Hehe.

John Wilson said...

Hi Slap
lcouch is genuine. It's a young woman from Swansea, not a member of GBC but enthusiastic in her own way.
Agreed I do occ leave postings which are not sighting related, but they are usually to inform - but hey, there are postings on here that aren't sighting related too - indeed sometimes not even bird related. That's fine so why shd it be not fine on GBC?
I realise what the OP was about, I was just getting fed up with the resulting generalisation that everything on GBC is rubbish.
The Water Pips are genuine btw although I haven't seen them.
Re the deleted posts I try to be consistent but I'm not always online so some do escape and miss me after they've dropped off the bottom of the screenful.
I think that'll do. Peace & luv. The Snipe.