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Thursday, 18 April 2013


A 2hr seawatch = 6 Arctic Terns, 1 Sandwich Tern, 11 Common Scoter on the sea, 9 Shoveler, and 4 Pintail .


Jeff said...

Nice shot Rob,must be a huge passage of Arctics today,there are sightings everywhere on Birdguides

tiger said...

nice shot Rob, like the bit of back-lighting & impression it could be from the Biscay boat !

Mitch said...

Are you still having trouble uploading photos Cliff?

tiger said...

yes, I click on "new post" & a red border appears around the words & that s it - gutted !! just dont know wot to do to get back on

Jeff said...

Cliff,are you user Google Chrome as your browser to upload to Blogger.
I and others had a similar problem a few months ago and I now upload through Google Chrome instead of Internet Explorer.
Google Chrome is a free download .

tiger said...

Thanks Jeff, the boys have been here to help & still no joy, probably have to speak to Sky now, may be to do with the merger with Yahoo 1 st April