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Monday, 1 April 2013

Its that time of year again

From an anonymous source:

 It seems that a certain photographer has been seen again, just like last spring,at a local Dartford site,although this time he apparently said he was trying to get shots of yellowhammer? quite why he felt he needed to be where he was for yellowhammer God only knows.

   Please be aware that if you intend on visiting schedule 1 breeding sites and you are seen,you will have to deal with the consequences.


Paul Tabor said...

Well said so why haven't this guy been named then? No action will be taken because most people haven't even got the balls to name him.

Slaphead said...

does he need to be named? really?? I think every one knows or at least has a good idea as to who the culprit probably is. We received the information anonymously,without mentioning names, the message content was as I posted.So it is not an option unless we hear otherwise from the person who sent the original to us.Unless of course you know who the culprit is,in which case feel free to name names.

Paul Tabor said...

I haven't got a clue who he or she is slap,and i wasn't there so can't comment on what he or she was doing, but who ever started the rumour about he or she photographing the dartford should have the balls to name and shame so we all know who the person in question is. That way if anyboby else should come across this person in the field they can keep a close eye on them.

Richard G. Smith said...

I must agree with Paul - not naming the man means that at least 4 others become suspects.
Better that your source names him so everyone knows who is breaking the rules.

Randal M Snowdrop said...

We've started a book. Minimum bet £10.

Tightwad 50-1
Smudger 100-1
Jeffrey 1000-1
Clifford 10000-1
Hinton 3/1
Slaphead 5/2 2nd fav
Pedro 1-100 fav

I'm happy to except green shield stamps, Nectar and Tesco clubcard points if you're running a bit short.

Slaphead said...

who are the 4 others Rich?

Richard G. Smith said...

Wish I could comment but I could easily consider three candidates possibly four and none of the above are included the list but 1000/1 for Tiger hmmmm? maybe
They know who they are....but only one is guilty as far as you seem to suggest.
Name your source then we may be able to ply him or her with drink and squeeze it out of them.

pedro said...

I have an alibi.I've been on a skiing trip in the USA.