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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Common Whitethroat : Llangors common


Steve Hinton said...

Very nice Jeff, did you try for flight shots?

Jeff said...

Cheers Steve,didn't try for flight shots as it was difficult enough to get some shots of the bird out in the open and not flitting through the hawthorn,busy limitless bird.

Jeff said...

Bloody predictive text,should have said "little" not "limitless" !!

Mitch said...

Nice Whitethroat Jeff,i've been trying to get these myself but will have to wait until i get my lens back,i sent it back 2 minutes ago,i hope it's sorted quickly.

Jeff said...

Ta Rob,sorry to hear about your lens,mine's come close a few times in the same circumstances,lesson to be learned for us all.
At least you've got the "Bigma" to fall back on in the meantime.

Richard G. Smith said...

My car has a warning if the seat is 'occupied'but the seat belt is not on.
Bloody nuisance however it cannot tell the diff between a person / bins / camera and has no doubt saved me once or twice.
Several Whitethroats etc on Llantrisant Common - once they settle down to nest I'll be having a go.

Peter Morgan said...

Shots Jeff only now ive been able to surface up to my eyeballs marking GCSE coursework.