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Saturday, 18 May 2013

Cuckoo today......


Richard G. Smith said...

Ah you must have bumped into Gareth aka Rhonddaborn who has been taking some really good flight shots posted on flikr.
I don't think he does perching shots!

Peter Morgan said...

Cracking shots Jeff!

Randal M Snowdrop said...

Surely these are stonking shots? I do realise that there's a fine line between crackin and stonking but in this instance I believe I'm right in the use of stonking?

Anyway, judging from this series of shots I naturally assume that Wader is stage left?

Camking said...

Cracking shots Jeff, Have spent the last three weeks trying to get cuckoos, had better results last year, just can’t get close enough, seam to be a lot more about this year.