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Friday, 3 May 2013

For Sale

Just spotted on the 'other' channel

Sorry for non sighting (1st and last). I've spent years looking at these sighting pages every day, but unfortunately I now have to stop my photography. I'm selling my Canon 500mm F4 L IS Lens, MINT and boxed (as NEW). £5,195 ono, contact: mjwmorgan@gmail.com  

What about that Mat Morgan is giving up!!!

Over to you Tiger!!!!!!


Slaphead said...

There is one at just 4years old for £4000.00 ono,I know where my money would go.

Slaphead said...

on nerdforum btw

Slaphead said...

now £3900 delivered.You could buy this one and get to take it to Majorca for a week for the same price as the one on the other channel,I can't see it lasting long though.

Richard G. Smith said...

There is one on ebay ending soon in mint condition current bid £3300
That will not make £4k

Richard G. Smith said...

Er correction it will make £4k now I think

Richard G. Smith said...

Guess what it made £4950
Amazing price and lots of bidders.

Steve Hinton said...

Thinking of getting a real lens are you Rich?

tiger said...

got to leave that much in my a/c for burial purposes !