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Friday, 10 May 2013

Not taken last year and not taken in Glamorgan as it happens.

......nor flushed, so a certain someone's email inbox will remain quiet.



Steve Hinton said...

Are you trying to say that the Cwm Cadlan Dotterels shots I posted recently were really taken last year?
And are you saying that Smudgers remarks about me flushing them are`nt true after all?

My posting of last years birds made certain people to believe that just because I went to try and see the birds and happen to post a photograph of them that I actually saw them! Don`t believe everything Smudger says!
So, ok, I dipped also.
For all those that are thinking WTF is going on, Emails have been flying about like swifts on a wet day! and once again my name has been dragged through the mud!
A message to visitors from the other channel. LIGHTEN UP!! Did you honestly think I would have flushed them?

Randal M Snowdrop said...