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Friday, 14 June 2013

Birdsong phone apps 'harmful' to birds, say Dorset experts


Mitch said...

I wonder if that also applies to ringers who tape lure the birds to the nets,i know most is carried out outside the breeding season but can it also interrupt their migration. Just a thought!

MauriceC said...

far too much ringing goes on anyway and most of it is unnecessary.

James Vafidis said...

Back to baseless grumbling about bird ringing again? Thought the article was about birders causing disturbance to breeding birds..

Slaphead said...

Having read the article James,there is no mention of birders,only photographers.Having said that, the 'experts from Dorset' would do better to concentrate their venom at the like of people that Iolo Williams talked about in his superb and passionate speech,however I doubt that the 'experts from Dorset' would dare bite the hand that feeds them.

Personally I have no objection to using tapes,whether it be ringers,birders,toggers or bird tour guides,as long as they are used sensibly.

Camking said...

I Wholeheartedly agree with Nigel, used sensibly I personally see no problem, this is just one persons opinion, more scientific study needs to done to convince me that any harm is done, it is still a good tool for photographers and birders alike.