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Friday, 7 June 2013

Should I get a new lens too?

It's a serious question, honest!


Slaphead said...

yeah,why not,everyone else is buying one (or two).If it was'nt for us upgrading the countries economy would still be in recession.

Steve Hinton said...

Anyone can join the hairdressers club!

Richard G. Smith said...

The short answer to the Big Bertha Club is NO.
As long as you can lug an 8lb+ lump of precision Glass around on your back all day - forget it you probably have the ultimate already.
For the rest of us buy the best you can justifiably afford.
Justify to yourself, your partner etc etc.
There will always be a better lens to give you better pictures - how much do you want it?
Glyn you asked the question - so I think the answer lies within you - but YES!!

Richard G. Smith said...

I mean Mick - senility is a creeping disease Doh!

Steve Hinton said...

But the 300mm is heavier than your Do 400mm!

Richard G. Smith said...

Its all about compromises. Ilb heavier but closer min focus distance 2.5M and f2.8
A 500mm is twice the weight of the DO - the new 500 is lighter than the old - why did they do that?

Steve Hinton said...

It all comes down to results!