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Monday, 24 June 2013


 Will it never end?



Richard G. Smith said...

Short answer is NO man's greed knows no bounds!
More pheasants more profit
Fewer sharks more profit for shoreline business.
Fewer badgers more cows more profit for farmers.
More GN crops more food more profit more people to be fed.
Too many people especially Chinese who have no appreciation of the World's diverse riches and the web of life that we are all caught up in.

Mark W said...

Understand the buzzard cull was in Cornwall - and there is evidence that raptors as a whole (!) take between 1-2% of the annual pheasant stock - less than die naturally (I know because there are shitloads of poult rearing cages round here in Mid-Wales and I talk to the breeders). Buzzard cull is a joke.

Bowland is an interesting one and this explains something - the Forest of Bowland was ( note WAS) one of the two locations in England where the Hen Harrier bred (the other being Geltsdale). Perhaps not surprising given the poisoning etc that they've now disappeared.

All of this is a joke - the current Govtare in the pocket of the farming/landowning lobby and are happy to bend over at the slightest pressure - witness the badger cull. Angry am I