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Sunday, 9 June 2013

Listen to this.

Click on the link below:

Iolo williams ,the state of nature.


Steve Hinton said...

Well done Slap for posting that!
Absolutely brilliant moving speech! And of course he's absolutely right!

Mick Lobb said...

An impassioned speech indeed but will anything change? Sorry Iolo but I fear not! The voice of experience tells me that too few listen and they, indeed we, can do nothing about it. There will be successes in the conservation field but they will be far outweighed by the failures.

Seymour said...

It's a shame that this couldn't have been aired on prime-time television or at least via a medium like Spring Watch. Too anti establishment and too controversial for the Beeb I guess. Wonderfully erudite and passionate speech from Iolo.

Slaphead said...

I cannot take the accolade for this link, it came from the Joekster. I was so moved by it I posted it all over the place.

MauriceC said...

What Springwatch seem to be doing is encouraging people to look for nests. Amazing footage of Water Rails though.

Mick Lobb said...

Apologies if it is already known; for those interested The 'State of Nature 2013' document is available here: http://www.rspb.org.uk/Images/stateofnature_tcm9-345839.pdf. Make of it what you will!

Mark W said...

For info been talking to Iolo about this - the speech was to WAG members and apparently none of them bothered to turn up until the end - so will anything change? Will it f***