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Saturday, 15 June 2013


Pacific Swift at Trimley Marshes, Suffolk. Chance of a de-grip for some !


Alex said...

A very nice de-grip some 20 years after missing the Cley bird by around 45 minutes. Great views and also used all my vast experience of chasing rare Swifts, Martins & Swallows to avoid getting a mid afternoon soaking. No drying out the waterproofs for me this morning!

Slaphead said...

caught up with it earlier this afternoon,a bit distant but reasonable views over the marsh and estuary. did you get any photos? Also nightingale on the walk back to the car,Fem marsh harrier and spotted redshank of note.

Alex said...

No photos. Didn't take camera, left that to others. Main priority was getting the bird. Bad enough trying to lugg tripod and scope down that walk let alone camera bag ;-) Just need Needle-tailed down the Bay and that will complete the full set !!

Steve Hinton said...

Apparently it's a hybrid!

MauriceC said...

Only Yellow Bellied Sapsucker left to de-grip. Think only Chris Jones has the Needle-tail.

Slaphead said...

we 'nearly' had the needle tail,does that count?