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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

A clean blog.

I have received a number of complaints regarding bad language on certain comments.
As most, if not all are aware that we have for a number of months been trying to run a respectable blog with no naughty photo`s or bad language! You have to realize that as well as young children, elderly folk and numpties regularly read these pages, so please, no Naughtiness!
               Brian 33487.


Seymour said...

Sorry, who is "Brian 3346"? Isn't this "our" Blog? If people enjoy viewing it, great! If they don't, then they can log-off and never come back! There is the " other channel" that is squeaky clean and that should provide them with what they want and in a format they find acceptable.
Surely, as long as what is posted on here isn't defamatory and doesn't breach any legal protocols, then we can use whatever language we want to?!
Also, this Blog is now so much "cleaner" than it used to be (and, some would say, less fun as a result) and I don't recall too many expletives being used recently.....

Steve Hinton said...

We decided to make the blog more interesting.
When we first started it was hilarious! But that will never come back. Those days are gone!
The amount of photos were getting out of control,
fewer sightings were being posted and we were finding it boring to say the least!
Everyone agreed to make it more interesting and posters are coming back.
This is still our blog tho cleaner. No rules, have a laugh but at nobody's expense!
As the post says, children may view it, bear that in mind.
We have considerable amount of page views that are up about 50 per day. Which says we are becoming more popular.

Have you noticed on the GBC that you can use any user name you like. When brian3346 posts Red necked Stint at the Wharf do we wait for confirmation or leg it straight away?
That's it , lets make the blog work for the better.

Seymour said...

Think you need to remove some of the material on the righthand side of the page in that case!
What about a Member's Lounge where we can say it how it is and in the manner we choose?

Steve Hinton said...

Cliff keeps clicking on the Trannie post. That's why it's so popular!

Steve Hinton said...

Members lounge is a sensitive area!
We will have to have a vote when Slap comes back. It was something we discussed so could be a good idea. Easier than emails. I know Randal will be up for it.

Randal M Snowdrop said...

Ahhhh, the 'members lounge'. It made the CBC blog look positively tame by comparison.

Apologies in advance for Cliff. He thinks the wharf tranny looks like Catherine Jenkins and he's become fixated with him/ her.

Seymour said...

Let's just ensure that we achieve an acceptable blend of appeal and acceptability while retaining some of the ethos which created this site in the first place chaps.

Steve Hinton said...

Times are a changing, just like your hair, belly, suntan and good looks, all good things come to an end! .... Move on!

Seymour said...

That's what I was eluding to but just ensure that we keep some of the original flavour otherwise it'll end up being just as bland and boring as many of the UK birding blogs these days. Times are indeed a-changing Steve but, looking at the world around me right now, they are often not for the better.

Ps. How have you maintained your Adonis-like looks? Do you bottle it and, if so, how much mate?

Steve Hinton said...

I knew you had noticed and looked so impressed, also I noticed that jealous look in your eye! Last time we met!!
Probably the healthy diet, Karma lifestyle and my fitness levels are very high carrying that camera gear around!
But the truth is doing the complete opposite to slap and his Mac Donald's diet!

Seymour said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Seymour said...

Always casting that green-eye of envy in your direction Steve! Slap? He was built for power, not endurance :-)