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Friday, 26 July 2013

Bay of Biscay - update.

Randal has booked... Himself, Slaphead, Tom Addecott.
I have booked... Ed Kavanagh, Tiger, Alex, Phil, Joek and myself.

You will all have to book your train journey yourselves.

It appears that (from Biscay sightings on the right) this year there are large numbers of Dolphins building, also Sei Whale reported and possible Northern Bottle-nosed Whale. Also Pilot whale numbers are increasing!

1 comment:

Seymour said...

The Rorqual is most certainly a Fin Whale; the white lower jaw on its right side being the best clue and the dorsal fin fits Fin too (doesn't look tall or falcate enough for Sei.
The beaked whales look like Cuvier's; the visible melon on the left- hand animal isn't bulbous enough for NBW in my opinion (cue Humpback/Minke comments....)