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Monday, 22 July 2013

patchwork pays

check this out http://beadnell-birding.blogspot.co.uk/2013/07/patch-tick.html?m=1
If only he had waders special floating boat hide!


Alex said...

Yes, The Wader would have nailed it with out a doubt. Twitching seabirds is an interesting idea. Talking to Graham about his Pom Skua at Lavernock a few weeks back, it flew past close in shore at around 18.35 going down channel, and there must be a good possibility that the bird myself and Alun had off Porthcawl at around 8pm, was the same bird, also close in shore. So in theory if a Feas Petrel goes down channel past Lavernock, I know where I will be heading ! (assuming I am not sat at Lavernock in the first place)

Meehan said...

Indeed - instant messaging can play a big part in connecting seawatchers together. Tweeting instantly what you have seen gives other the chance to connect up & down the coast if there is a blow on. This worked well earlier in the year when the channel skua movement was good. Birds past Goldcliff were picked up easily travelling up river from Severnside on a number of occasions.

Alex said...

Of course it works the other way. Sat at Porthcawl seeing bugger all when people are tweeting flocks of Pom Skua off Severn Beach or LT Skuas off Goldcliff. Seawatching in the Bristol Channel can be hugely frustrating !!