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Sunday, 21 July 2013


Musselwick Beach over the weekend.
Just the one Blue Jellyfish. They can kill if you just look at them!

Very common is the Labyrinth Spider and deadly if you get too close, they see their reflection in your eyes and pounce. Note children`s eyeballs in the bottom shot!

The inside of the web opens out into many tunnels. Inside, the female watches the eggs ,hanging on a silken thread. She often dies before the young emerge and they will feed on her!
Quick turn the lights on!!


Jeff said...

Fantastic colour on the jellyfish Steve,can't remember ever seeing one of those,are they rare?

Steve Hinton said...

Not particularly rare, but not common. Usually seen dead!

Richard G. Smith said...

Scary spider stunning Jellyfish - any chance you could find a black mamba or a spitting cobra - to complete the deadly list!

Camking said...

That jellyfish is mesmerising like something out of a science fiction film, nice to see something different nice one Steve.