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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Seperated at Birth?

Great to see Phil doing so well in Le Tour this year. With nearly 3 and a half minutes in the bag you have to wonder if the 'old boy' has it in the tank to win the whole thing? With Contador 4 minutes behind (and in a break with tradition, using his own blood for once), surely it's nailed on? Here we see Phil discovering exactly why bikes are always better ridden with a saddle than without.  


Randal M Snowdrop said...

Sadly Marc Cavendish was unavailable for comment this evening as he was too busy taking a shower...of the golden variety, and knocking his competitors off their bikes in the spirit of good sportmanship to pass opinion either way.

Phil B said...

Thank you Randal. You're not the first to comment on my similarity with my star pupil in this year's Tour! Of course the strain on my face is because I've just mistakenly mounted a Bianchi instead of my trustee S-Works steed! Cavendish Blindside flanker for the next Loins tours, what say you?