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Sunday, 11 August 2013


Usual suspects in usual numbers.
Clouded yellow was a first for the year, and a returning Wheatear.
The best find was a five pound note!!


Alex said...

I'll pick it up next time I see you, or may be easier if you just knock it off my Biscay money I owe you, cheers.

Jeff said...

Cliff will claim that !!

Randal M Snowdrop said...

Make sure you give it back to Cliff. He'll need that for all the coffees he's going to buy us on the boat.

Slaphead said...

Legend has it that: 'A man from oop north shall one day loose his purse,only to be remarried with it later by a man with dirt on his palms and those that hold company with the oop northerner shall enjoy his generosity at sea' . How bizzare,first cliff drops his fiver,Wader finds the fiver, Wader returns the fiver and the rest of us are happy.Uncanny. Mines a double Cliff,cheers.

tiger said...

who s this Cliff guy ?