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Monday, 5 August 2013

Cornish seawatching

Was persauded to go down to Cornwall yesterday following reports with a view to either watching from Porthguarra or going on the Scillonian. We were 10 miles from Penzance when the news on Fea's Petrel came through but as it was raining and did not appear to rough went for the day trip on the boat for £30.
5 Great Shearwaters were seen including one following the boat for half an hour. 1 Sooty, 1 Balearic, 2 Bonxies, 1 Skua sp ( probably a Pom) and a distant large Shearwater - Great or Cory's. Otherwise standard seabirds Manxies, Gannets etc but surprisingly no Storm Petrels. More birds reported from mainland sites but of course not necessarily seen by all observers present.

A bit rough for cetaceans and just a couple of fins noted. 


Rob Jones said...

You should have gone to Porthgwarra it was a awesome day most of all the large shearwaters inside the runnel stone including the FEA`S .

Steve Hinton said...

If you had done Porthgwarra Maurice a Fea,s would have followed the boat!

Randal M Snowdrop said...

The runnnel stone is over 1.5kms off Porthgwarra. As someone once said to me whilst seawatching from there, 'what we need here is the Observer Book of Dots'.