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Thursday, 29 August 2013


The Lesser Yellowlegs is hanging on at Penclacwydd. Also see there's been a possible Hudsonian Whimbrel past Strumble. Memories of the Goldcliff bird included some slight plumage differences that made it possible to pick it out amongst the other Whimbrels in the field at the time without seeing the rump, but that was after we already knew it was there! Matt, still need that for the year? ;-) Get checking those rumps!


MauriceC said...

I think the far eastern race of Whimbrel needs also to be considered. It is not as dark as Hudsonian but has a pale not white rump. In a way it is a sort of half-way house between our Whimbrel and Hudsonian.

Meehan said...

Any Asian/American curlew species will do - I ain't fussy! A repeat of the Goldcliff bird would be the good although not a Gwent first.

Stat of the day - today was the day the Sker Little Whimbrel was found.... apparently.