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Saturday, 17 August 2013

Something the GBC need to consider. Cornish Birding.



It is with regret that we have to inform you that we will not be printing a 2012 Rare and Scarce Bird Report this year. This is due to rising costs of printing and lack of sponsorship. We will still be producing a report but it will be published in the form of a PDF file. This will be for sale at £5.00 (approx.) which is a considerable saving and will get to you quicker!! For those of you that have pre-paid, we will ensure you get a full refund. Once again, my apologies for this inconvenience. The financial implications are the only thing stopping us and we are bitterly disappointed we can’t produce our quality product for you.
Cornwall Birding Team.


Randal M Snowdrop said...

How many years have we been banging on to them about this? In the mean time they could have saved +£15k. Money that could have been spent on conservation projects.

It would also allow them to re-edit out all of the mistakes that subsequently come to light following the event. Better photographic representations of submissions. Additional submissions and updates after publication etc etc etc.

There's talk of a new 'birds of glamorgan'. Why not PDF that too and just spend the money on sustainable projects?

All the usual excuses will probably ensue.

Phil B said...

Yes, I agree. I realise for many that having the printed word in your hand is traditional and favoured. But, let's move with the times. Bird Reports are for most local bird clubs the one massive drain on their finances. Although preparing an e-version of a report would be no less time consuming, the financial outlay must surely be a fraction of that of printing several hundred hard copies? I really cannot understand why this isn't being grasped locally despite several of us having harped on about it for years now. A few dinosaurs need dragging kicking and screaming into the 21st Century me thinks.

MauriceC said...

Maybe a few Dinosaurs will survive and turn into birds.

Slaphead said...

We need to be careful here gents, Clive Dunn & co will be thinking that we are talking about a viable and sensible option. But the sensible option has'nt really been the option most commonly used by GBC/GRC in the past.

Richard G. Smith said...

I cannot claim to be privvy to the workings of the GBC committee these days and I would be pleased to hear the views of those who are.
In pure economic terms I feel there can be no reason to persist in producing the Annual Bird Report or indeed ANY report in hard copy form.
Money is tight for everyone and I cannot help thinking that an electronic report would be able to reproduce - at a fraction of the cost - ALL records submitted in addition to articles, talented artist's work, interesting photographic records of birds and habitat even lepidoptera and odonata that most birders seem to have a keen interest in.
However the way to achieve these worthy objectives is from the inside of the GBC and not by suggestions - albeit worthy ones - within this forum.
There must be 'stumbling blocks' to such an obvious change - I wonder what they are.

Randal M Snowdrop said...

"However the way to achieve these worthy objectives is from the inside of the GBC and not by suggestions - albeit worthy ones - within this forum".

The trouble with that sentiment is that you have to be 65+ to be a member of the SAGA bird club committee. Is it any wonder that we produce such mediocre reports and lag behind the times when these increpids fail to move with the times.

I listened to an economics 'expert' describe how so many traditional businesses have gone to the wall because they failed to get on board with the internet and on-line sales. You have to wonder, at what point the penny will finally drop with these luddites as they drive this county into the ground with their insistence on still producing a report using horse and plough technology.

You don't have to be a member of any comittee to realise that incompetence is simply that, incompetence.