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Monday, 2 September 2013

An Elver's Demise

An eliver bites the dust. An eliver bites the dust. An eliver bites, an eliver bites ...... You get the drift!
Please note that the inclusion of any species in this photograph, other than the elver, is purely coincidental.


Steve Hinton said...

Great shot Mick! The Kingfisher season starts next week for me.

Mick Lobb said...

Thanks Steve. Same stick?

Steve Hinton said...

Same place, different stick.

Richard G. Smith said...

Lovely shot that Mick - Oh no not Kingfisher season already!?

Mitch said...

Yes! We've murdered S E Owls,Little Owls and Kingfishers what next? I still wouldn't say no though to another session with any of them! Wonderful shot Mick,makes a change from Sticklebacks!